Efficient Pipeline Processing of CrowdsourcingWorkflows

by Ken Mizusawa, Keishi Tajima, Masaki Matsubara, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Atsuyuki Morishima


This paper addresses the pipeline processing of sequential workflows in crowdsourcing. Sequential workflows consisting of several subtasks are ubiquitous in crowdsourcing. Our approach is to control the budget distribution to subtasks in order to balance the execution speed of the subtasks and to improve throughput of overall sequential workflows. As we cannot control the price for earlier steps retrospectively in the stepwise batch execution, we explore pipeline processing schemes. Our experimental results show that our pipeline processing scheme with price control achieves significantly higher throughput of sequential workflows.

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crowdsourcing; price control; improved throughput;
Published in Proc. of ACM CIKM, pp.1559-1562, Turin, Italy, 2018

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