An Equational Object-Oriented Data Model and its Data-Parallel Query Language

by Susumu Nishimura, Atsushi Ohori, Keishi Tajima


This paper presents an equational formulation of an object-oriented data model. In this model, a database is represented as a system of equations over a set of oid's, and a database query is a transformation of a system of equations into another system of equations. During the query processing, our model maintains an equivalence relation over oid's that relates oid's corresponding to the same “real-world entity.” By this mechanism, the model achieves a declarative set-based query language and views for objects with identity. Moreover, the query primitives are designed so that queries including object traversal can be evaluated in a data-parallel fashion.

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object-oriented database, query language, restructuring, declarative, view, parallel processing, entity, recursive type, graph structure, object transformation
Published in Proc. of ACM OOPSLA, pp.1-18, Oct. 1996, San Jose, CA.

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