MIAIS: A Multimedia Recipe Dataset with Ingredient Annotation at Each Instructional Step

by Yixing Zhang, Yoko Yamakata, Keishi Tajima


In this paper, we introduce a multimedia recipe dataset with annotation of ingredients at every instructional step, named MIAIS (Multimedia recipe dataset with Ingredient Annotation at every Instructional Step). One unique feature of recipe data is that it is usually presented in a sequential and multimedia form. However, few publicly available recipe datasets contain multimedia text-image paired data for every cooking step. Our goal is to construct a recipe dataset that contains sufficient multimedia data and the annotations to them for every cooking step, which is important for many research topics, such as cooking flow graph generation, recipe text generation, and cooking action recognition. MIAIS contains 12,000 recipes; each recipe has 9.13 cooking instruction steps on average, each of which is a tuple of a text description and an image. The text descriptions and images are collected from the NII Cookpad Dataset and Cookpad Image Dataset, respectively. We have already released our annotation data and related information.

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datasets; recipe; text annotation; cooking flow graph
Published in Proc. of CEA++ (In conj. with ACMMM), pp.49-52, Lisbon, Portugal, 2022

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