Incremental Evaluation of a Monotone XPath Fragment

by Hidetaka Matsumura, Keishi Tajima


This paper shows a scheme for incremental evaluation of XPath queries. Here, we focus on a monotone fragment of XPath, i.e., when a data is deleted from (or inserted to) the database, only deletion (insertion, resp.) may occur to query answers. For efficiently processing deletions, we store information on partial matchings, i.e., which elements were participating in matchings for which query answers, and also store counters showing how many matchings each query answer had. We use the information on the partial matchings also for skipping a part of computation upon data insertion. We investigate properties of the XPath fragment in order to keep the amount of information we store as small as possible.

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XML, XPath, query processing, query optimization, incremental evaluation, materialized view, view maintenance, continuous query
Published in Proc. of ACM CIKM, pp.245-246, Oct.-Nov. 2005, Bremen, Germany

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