A Map Search System based on a Spatial Query Language

by Yuanyuan Wang, Panote Siriaraya, Haruka Sakata, Yukiko Kawai, Keishi Tajima


We propose a novel query language that can express complex spatial queries in a concise and intuitive way for map search. The proposed language can express conditions on the range, direction, and time distance within their spatial search queries. In this language, we introduce several spatial operators, such as “space character” operator which is used to represent the geographical distance between matching objects in a concise and intuitive way as well as arithmetic and directional operators which enables the combination and manipulation of spatial areas. We also show how a map search system supporting this query language can be implemented, and describe several applications created using this system to highlight how the query language can be put into practice. These applications include a web interface which allows developers to embed a function of spatial search by our query language into their systems. In addition, we developed a mobile Android application that allows nonprofessional users to easily search for nearby venues and routes by using the proposed query language. Finally, we outline the results of a study carried out to evaluate the potential usefulness of our proposed search system.

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query language; spatial search; spatial operators;
Published in Proc. of EDBT, pp.578-581, Lisbon, Portugal, 2019

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