Identifying Tags Describing Image Contents

by Taka Maenishi, Keishi Tajima


On many photo-sharing social media, e.g., Instagram, a user posting a photo can add tags, i.e., words describing it. Tags are used for keyword-based image search. Some tags, however, describe not image contents but some metadata, e.g., camera names. We propose a method of determining which tag is more likely to describe the associated image contents. We determine it based on pairwise comparisons of tags. Given a pair of tags A and B, we compare three sets of images: (1) those associated with A, (2) those associated with B, and (3) those associated with both A and B. If (3) is more similar to (1) than to (2), A is more likely to describe image contents. To compute similarity between two image sets, we use the similarity of their associated tags, instead of their visual similarity. Our experiment with Instagram data shows that our method is effective.

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tag ranking; image tags; social tagging; image captioning photo-sharing services;
Published in Proc. of ACM Hypertext, pp.297-298, Hof, Germany, 2019

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