Search Result Presentation for Non-Native Language Documents

by Tetsuya Sasaoka, Yoko Yamakata, Keishi Tajima


Many document search systems display search results with snippets, i.e., brief excerpts from the matched documents. It helps users quickly locate relevant documents in the result list, but when users search for documents in non-native languages, they cannot read snippets quickly. In this paper, we compare two methods of presenting a search result for such non-native language documents. One is to show a snippet translated into the user's native language, whereas the other is to show the original snippet together with several keyphrases extracted from the document and translated into the user's native language. The result of our experiment shows that the translated snippets is not effective while the translated keyphrases are in non-native language document search.

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snippet; SERP; foreign language; web search; academic search;
Published in Proc. of ACM IUI, Companion, pp.89-94, Greenville, SC, 2024

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