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Yixin Zhang, Yoko Yamakata, Keishi Tajima

Categorization of Cooking Actions Based on Textual/Visual Similarity

Proc. of 5th International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management (MADiMa) (In conj. with ACMMM), pp.42-49, ACM Press, October 2019 (ACM DL)

Masahiro Inoue, Keishi Tajima,

Noise Robust Detection of the Emergence and Spread of Topics on the Web

Proc. of 2nd Temporal Web Analytics Workshop (in conj. with WWW Conf.),
pp. 9-16, ACM Press, April 2012 (ACM DL)

井上真大君が WWW Conf.併設TempWebで発表

井上真大君が WWW Conf.併設TempWebで発表

井上真大君がWeb技術に関する最重要国際会議である WWW Conference の併設ワークショッ…

Keqiu Li, Keishi Tajima, Hong Shen,

Cache Replacement for Transcoding Proxy Caching

Proc. of IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence,
pp. 500-507, IEEE Computer Society Press,  September 2005 (IEEE XploreIEEE CS DL)