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Masahiro Inoue, Keishi Tajima

Temporal Analysis of Supply and Demand of Topics on The Web

Proc. of ACM Conference on Web Science,
pp.143-144, ACM Press, June 2019 (ACM DL)

Momo Kyozuka, Yang Xu, Keishi Tajima

A Ranking Method for Relaxed Queries in Book Search

Proc. of ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries,
pp.400-401, ACM Press, June 2019 (ACM DL)

Xiaoni Duan, Keishi Tajima

Improving Multiclass Classification in Crowdsourcing by Using Hierarchical Schemes

Proc. of The Web Conference,
pp.2694-2700, ACM Press, May 2019 (ACM DL)

Yoko Yamakata, Keishi Tajima, Shinsuke Mori

A Case Study on Start-up of Dataset Construction: In Case of Recipe Named Entity Corpus

Proc. of 2nd HMData Workshop (collocated with IEEE BigData),
pp.3564-3567, IEEE Computer Society Press, December 2018 (IEEE Xplore)

Yusuke Suzuki, Masaki Matsubara, Keishi Tajima, Toshiyuki AmagasaAtsuyuki Morishima,

A Cache-based Approach to Dynamic Switching between Different Dataflows in Crowdsourcing

Proc. of 2nd HMData Workshop (collocated with IEEE BigData),
pp.3552-3554, IEEE Computer Society Press, December 2018 (IEEE Xplore)

Naoki Kobayashi, Masaki Matsubara, Keishi Tajima, Atsuyuki Morishima,

A Crowd-in-the-Loop Approach for Generating Conference Programs with Microtasks

Proc. of 1st HMData Workshop (collocated with IEEE BigData),
pp.4312-4314, IEEE Computer Society Press, December 2017 (IEEE Xplore)

Xiaoni Duan, Keishi Tajima,

Improving Classification Accuracy in Crowdsourcing through Hierarchical Reorganization

Proc. of 1st HMData Workshop (collocated with IEEE BigData),
pp.4290-4292, IEEE Computer Society Press, December 2017 (IEEE Xplore)

Daichi Imamori, Keishi Tajima,

Predicting Popularity of Twitter Accounts through the Discovery of Link-Propagating Early Adopters

Proc. of 25th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management,
pp.639-648, ACM Press, October 2016 (ACM DL)

今森大地君がACM CIKM 2016で発表

今森大地君がACM CIKM 2016で発表

今森大地君が情報抽出などの分野における重要国際会議の一つであるACM Conference on I…

Tomohiro Manabe, Keishi Tajima,

Extracting Logical Hierarchical Structure of HTML Documents Based on Headings

Proc. of VLDBVol.8, No.12,
pp.1606-1617, August 2015

真鍋知博君がVLDB 2015で発表

真鍋知博君がVLDB 2015で発表