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  • Shojiro NishioKatsumi TanakaYasuo ArikiShinji ShimojoMasahiko TsukamotoMasatoshi Arikawa, Keishi Tajima, Kaname Harumoto,

    An Advanced Processing Environment for Managing the Continuous and Semistructured Features of Multimedia Content

    (invited) Proc. of ADBIS-DASFAA Symposium on Advances in Databases and Information Systems,
    Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceVol. 1884, pp. 1-20, Springer-Verlag, September 2000 (Springer Link)

    Keishi Tajima, Kazuya Yoda, Katsumi Tanaka (translated into English by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.),

    Access Control and Authorization for CG Data with Multiple Detail Levels

    Systems and Computers in Japan,
    Vol. 31, No. 9, pp. 72-80, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., August 2000 (Wiley Online Library)
    (English translation of the article in Trans. IEICE)

    Sujeet Pradhan, Takashi Sogo, Keishi Tajima, Katsumi Tanaka,

    Glues and Filters: A New Algebraic Approach to Retrieve Meaningful Video Intervals from Fragmentarily Indexed Video Shots

    Advances in Visual Information Management: Proc. of 5th IFIP TC2 WG 2.6 Working Conference on Visual Database Systems (VDB5),
    International Federation for Information ProcessingVol. 168, pp. 11–30, Kluwer Academic Publishers, May 2000 (Springer Link)

    Keishi Tajima, Katsumi Tanaka,

    New Techniques for the Discovery of Logical Documents in Web

    Proc. of International Symposium on Database Applications in Non-Traditional Environments,
    pp. 125-132, IEEE Computer Society Press, November 1999 (IEEE XploreIEEE CS DL)

    Keishi Tajima, Kenji Hatano, Takeshi Matsukura, Ryouichi Sano, Katsumi Tanaka,

    Discovery and Retrieval of Logical Information Units in Web

    (invited) Proc. of Workshop on Organizing Web Space (in conjunction with 4th ACM Conference on Digital Libraries),
    pp. 13-23, August 1999

    Sujeet Pradhan, Keishi Tajima, Katsumi Tanaka,

    A Query Model for Retrieving Relevant Intervals within a Video Stream

    Proc. of IEEE Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems,
    Vol.II, pp. 788-792, IEEE Computer Society Press, June 1999 (IEEE XploreIEEE CS DL)

    Yoshiaki Mizuuchi, Keishi Tajima,

    Finding Context Paths for Web Pages

    Proc. of 10th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia,
    pp. 13-22, ACM Press, February 1999 (ACM DL)

    田島 敬史,


    Vol. 40, No. SIG3 (TOD1), pp. 152-170, February 1999

    プラダン スジット, 田島 敬史, 田中 克己,


    Vol. 40, No. SIG3 (TOD1), pp. 80-90, February 1999

    田島 敬史, 依田 和也, 田中 克己,


    電子情報通信学会論文誌 (D-I),
    Vol. J82-D-I, No. 1, pp. 193-200, January 1999

    Keishi Tajima,

    Querying Composite Objects in Semistructured Data

    Proc. of 5th International Conference on Foundations of Data Organization,
    pp. 57-65, November 1998

    Keishi Tajima, Yoshiaki Mizuuchi, Masatsugu Kitagawa, Katsumi Tanaka,

    Cut as a Querying Unit for WWW, Netnews, and E-mail

    Proc. of 9th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia,
    pp. 235-244, ACM Press, June 1998 (ACM DL)

    Keishi Tajima,

    Query and Access Control Mechanisms for New Database Applications

    Advanced Database Systems for Integration of Media and User Environments,
    Advanced Database Research and Development Series, Vol. 9, pp. 113-118, World Scientific, June 1998

    Sujeet Pradhan, Keishi Tajima, Katsumi Tanaka,

    Querying Video Databases based on Description Substantiality and Approximations

    Proc. of IPSJ International Symposium on Information Systems and Technologies for Network Society,
    pp. 183-190, World Scientific, September 1997