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  • Tomohiro Manabe, Keishi Tajima,

    Heading-Aware Snippet Generation for Web Search

    Proc. of 11th Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference,
    Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceVol. 9460,
    pp. 188-200, Springer-Verlag, Decembr 2015

    Tomohiro Manabe, Keishi Tajima,

    Extracting Logical Hierarchical Structure of HTML Documents Based on Headings

    Proc. of VLDBVol.8, No.12,
    pp.1606-1617, August 2015

    Hikaru Takemura, Atsushi Tanaka, Keishi Tajima,

    Classification of Twitter Follow Links Based on the Followers’ Intention

    Proc. of 30th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing,
    pp. 1174-1180, ACM Press, April 2015 (ACM DL)

    Atsushi Tanaka, Hikaru Takemura, Keishi Tajima,

    Why You Follow: A Classification Scheme for Twitter Follow Links

    Proc. of 25th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia,
    pp. 324-326, ACM Press, September 2014 (ACM DL)

    Xiaoqi Zhao, Keishi Tajima,

    Online Retweet Recommendation with Item Count Limits

    Proc. of IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conferences on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technologies,
    pp.282-289, IEEE Computer Society Press, August 2014 (IEEE XploreACM DL)

    Keishi Tajima,

    Schemaless Semistructured Data Revisited –Reinventing Peter Buneman’s Deterministic Semistructured Data Model–

    In Search of Elegance in the Theory and Practice of Computation – Essays Dedicated to Peter Buneman,
    Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceVol. 8000,
    pp. 466-482, Springer-Verlag, October 2013

    大西 洋, 田島 敬史,


    日本データベース学会論文誌Vol. 12, No. 1,
    pp. 49-54, June 2013

    Hikaru Takemura, Keishi Tajima,

    Tweet Classification Based on Their Lifetime Duration

    Proc. of 21st ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management,
    pp. 2367-2370, ACM Press, October 2012 (ACM DL)

    Masahiro Inoue, Keishi Tajima,

    Noise Robust Detection of the Emergence and Spread of Topics on the Web

    Proc. of 2nd Temporal Web Analytics Workshop (in conj. with WWW Conf.),
    pp. 9-16, ACM Press, April 2012 (ACM DL)

    Atsuyuki Morishima, Keishi Tajima, Masateru Tadaishi

    Optimal Tree Node Ordering for Child/Descendant Navigations

    Proc. of 26th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering,
    pp. 840-843, IEEE Computer Society Press, March 2010 (IEEE XploreIEEE CS DL)

    Shenwei Liu, Keishi Tajima,

    WildThumb: A Web Browser Supporting Efficient Task Management on Wide Displays

    Proc. of 14th ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces,
    pp. 159-168, ACM Press, February 2010 (ACM DL)

    徳田 隆志, 田島 敬史,


    日本データベース学会論文誌Vol. 8, No. 1,
    pp. 53-58, June 2009

    只石 正輝, 森嶋 厚行, 田島 敬史,


    日本データベース学会論文誌Vol. 7, No. 3,
    pp. 55-60, December 2008

    Keishi Tajima, Kaori Ohnishi,

    Browsing Large HTML Tables on Small Screens

    Proc. of 21st ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology,
    pp. 259-268, ACM Press, October 2008 (ACM DL)

    Toshiro Takase, Keishi Tajima,

    Lazy XML Parsing/Serialization based on Literal and DOM Hybrid Representation

    Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Web Services,
    pp. 295-303, IEEE Computer Society Press, September 2008 (IEEE XploreIEEE CS DL)